I can’t believe I came to China three months ago. This time has flown by. Everyday feels like a second, and the past three months have gone by quicker than a night’s sleep.
I haven’t written anything nor have I had time for youtube videos. I have been so busy actually living. Although, in the professional world, that’s not very good since I definitely want to get into the media industry. I have been modeling a lot. And by a lot, I mean literally every weekend. I have been shooting and editing a lot as well. There has not been a single weekend that I have stayed indoors or at my apartment; I’m consistently traveling  to Hong Kong or Guangzhou or just around Shenzhen and every weekend, get this, I’m WITH people. I’m not longer doing all of these solo wanders that I grew accustomed to in Korea.
I’m exceptionally happy here. I’ve made more friends  in three months than I had my entire life in Arizona. Generally at this point I would start to miss things, like my dad and food, but time is moving so quick that I dont even have time to miss anything.
I feel so at home here. Even though I dont speak the language, I feel like I belong. I get stared at more than I would like to admit but its become just a part of the day. Also, the cost of living here is so low that I feel like a rich man because I am able to afford to do anything I want or have anything I want (which is normally Starbucks and tickets to other cities)
I’m just going to do a little overview of teaching in China and living in China before I turn my computer off and forget to write for another millennium.

I teach 14 classes a week, 40 minutes each, 55 students per class. Its exhausting. Some classes are so out of control that I don’t even know what to do. Its only me in the classroom with kids from 6 to 8 years old that speak no english. Its hysterical really. But my school and coworkers are absolutely phenomenal.  The school food is shit, but its free so I deal. My principal told me I’m his soul mate, my vice principal takes me to dinner, the PE teachers invite me for tea all the time (although I saw one on Tantan… awks). The kids are cute and great outside of the classroom and everyone is so pleasant and always say hi to me. They dont act like I’m a parasite so its AMAZING. I also get to be in the office with all the other english teachers which I adore.

My god the lifestyle here is great. So many people, food that’s so cheap, like 2 dozen indoor malls of different categories, and a lot of outdoor activities and rooftops, plus Im near the airport and train station. The people here are so inviting and down to hang out. Rent is pretty high but that’s just how China is.

life in general: I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Leaving isn’t an option.