Oh Instagram, the land of beautiful photos and a server more paranoid than Pigglet literally all of the time. Recently, I’ve heard horror stories of people getting banned or blocked from Instagram for hours to weeks. I personally have never been banned, thank god, but its very common for people who are trying to grow their following.
your account has been disabled for violating ourHow to avoid getting banned, blocked or disabled by Instagram
First off: How does it happen?

  • Liking too fast
  • commenting too fast
  • commenting the same thing multiple times
  • using a third party app that bypasses Instagram’s API
  • following too many people too fast
  • Being misinterpreted as a bot or seeming to ‘spammy’ to the servers


These may seem completely obvious, however, the ban can occur while you’re slouched on the couch, eating your third bag of chips andNetflix as background noise while liking a bunch of photos in a certain hashtag. *True Story*
A friend of mine was just mindlessly liking photos out of boredom and also ya know, good traction, when she was banned from Instagram. (wow there are so many rhymes in this post).

How to avoid being banned while growing your account:

  • Likes: DO NOT LIKE EXCESSIVELY. The magic number is 350 in an hour. However, my friend had liked 200 and was blocked, so basically space out your likes and don’t do rapid fire spam likes. Sometimes this will only block you from LIKING for a day but sometimes it will block you from even accessing IG.
  • Comments: Don’t post multiple duplicates. Like “great shot!” or an emoji over and over or it’ll trigger the spam man in IG to disable comments.
  • Following: Don’t follow en-mass like many accounts want you to do in order to ‘GAIN FOLLOWERS FAST WOW OMG DO IT’ like yo, calm down. Thats a lot of steroids in one person. The limit, figured out by some people’s trial and error with fake accounts by some very dedicated anonymous people, is 40 every 5 minutes (which is a ton, what the hell) and 250 an hour. I recommend not doing that and petting your dog instead, but hey ho to each their own. I also wouldn’t suggest following over 400 in a day either, although someone got blocked at 800. So I guess it varies but the afest number is 400. You can only follow 7500 people in total anyway. I don’t know why anyone would however.
  • Be careful using Bot services. Or dont use them. The most famous of the bots, was instagress; a wonderful little app that would like and comment on people’s photos all day long in an attempt to get you followers without trying at all. Instagress was completely eliminated by Instagram however because it wasn’t genuine. There are some apps that allow you to like photos for coins, and those definitely break the guideline rules of IG but they are quite helpful. So use them at your own discression. Instagram and its parent company Facebook has been getting better in detecting these type of activities lately, so I’m just tryna tell you now!
  •  DO NOT ignore the Community Guidelines! There are probably tens other things that can get you locked out from Instagram that we don’t know the reason about. So I urge you to read (again) the Instagram community guidelines and try to follow the rules written there. These are what Instagram have decided to do to try to curb the spammers, fake accounts and bots.

    It’s better to be over cautious, because once you get banned there is no way to tell when or if you will get your account back!

Pro tip: Just be genuine. Like things you like, comment interactive content, and be very careful about overdoing it.

I’ll make another post about how to get more of a following at a later date; but until then:

Good luck and happy liking!!

Ig: meeeganthevegan