This is the question I’m asked more often than not.

Usually its in the ‘getting to know you’ phase, or after they read the ‘I’ve been to 22 countries’ portion on my Instagram profile.
Now, this is not a bad question to ask but it made me realize that there may be a potential bias against young people who travel often or have more than what might be considered normal for an average 20 something.
But this question often  kind of fires me up a bit, because it doesn’t always come from genuine curiosity. Some people ask it with such a condescending tone that it makes me think they are trying to downsize my achievements.

I worked so hard to get where I am now. From getting my first job at 13, working 2 jobs in high school and university all while getting straight A’s to maintain my scholarship. Given, without the full ride scholarship, I would not have had the luxuries I have now, but it wasn’t handed to me on a golden platter. Rather, I had to create the plate it was handed to me on.

This post is kind of just a triggered vent to simply state: try your hardest to not make judgments about anyone you see. Whether they have everything or nothing.
Celebrities are speaking out about depression in what seems like a daily occurrence, which should show that no matter how much one has, they may be so unhappy with the way their lives are going; whether they put their blood sweat and tears into their success or they were born into it. Regardless, it doesnt matter. They are where they are because of the decisions they’ve made
Then there are homeless people who used to be really well off but due to unforeseen circumstances, they could no longer afford to live with basic necessities.

So short story even shorter, no my parents don’t support me financially. I only have one parent anyway and he’s not what would be considered ‘well off’ so its all been me. I’ve funded my travels, and my lifestyle, and its something I take such great pride in honestly.
When men ask this question with a condescending tone it brings out the triggered feminist in me. Hahaha. So lets stop with the judgments and support each other during all of our successes and failures.