I had plans to go to New York to visit my friend before I headed back to China for another year of teaching and she asked me what we should do. The biggest thing that crossed my mind was TRUMP JOKES. so I looked online on a website called 1iota to search for tickets to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Coincidentally enough, there was only one day in June that was available and it was the 2 pm showing on Tuesday July 20. 

So big tip is to check for shows early!! 

I signed up for tickets and was placed on the wait list. Then about 4 days later I was notified that I successfully got two priority tickets to the show. The ticket said to arrive by 130 or we would be placed in the general line. We arrive at 131 and we’re the last people admitted into the line, which was already extremely long. The general line was ridiculous though! 

It’s also very hot in the summer and you have to stand in the sun until doors open at around 2:15. If you don’t have a ticket, you’ll have to be there before 1. I met a guy in line who had been waiting in line since 12 and there was already a line starting. I honestly underestimated it’s popularity. 

The late show has a stadium that holds 450 people which is a lot! And the earlier you come, the better seats you have. My friends and I sat on the second balcony (there are 3) and the views were good. 

Pictures are not allowed so this is obviously not a good shot since I didn’t want to be conspicuous. So the audience warm up starts around 245 and lasts 45 minutes and it’s a guy telling you how to react and how loud you should be. He calls people on stage to loosen up and ask questions and then the jazz band plays for about 10 minutes. And finally! The show begins! 

The show is about 1 hour but with a lot of breaks. My shows set up was one comedy act in the beginning, then there were two guests, then finally the show ended with a band. At the end, Stephen repeated some jokes to get a better clip for the aired episode and we were told to react like we had been hearing it for the first time. At 430, he said he wanted us to stay an extra 20 minutes because Ashton Kutcher was coming to record for a future episode. That was the coolest surprise!

Once Ashton Kutcher stepped off stage, colbert told us goodbye and he left and the lights all came on and we were on our way out. 

It was a lot of sitting and the interviews were actually rather boring but it was such an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend checking out a live show if you are in NYC!