I recently purchased a 23 And Me DNA test after hearing about all the features it offered and the limited time sale they were having. I purchased the health and ancestry DNA test usually priced at $199, quite a hefty fee, but the test does give a lot of information.
The tests done:
Carrier Status
Genetic Health Risk


23andMe tests where your DNA can be traced back to all the way back 8-10 generations. My DNA showed that I am 44% Irish, 20% German, 5% Balkan, and 22% Northwestern European in General. This wasn’t too surprising to me since my father is a first generation American; his mother migrated from Germany, and his father from Ireland. 2017-05-30
In the same Ancestry result page, it will tell you how many DNA relative you have, your Haplogroup (every person in a Haplogroup can be linked to a single individual)
My favorite part in the ancestry results: The test will tell you have much neanderthal you have in you. I’m apparently a hybrid breed and I find it hysterical. I literally have more neanderthal in me than 82% of the population. The most neanderthal variants that have been observed in a human has been 397, I have 300 variants. I’m a literal mixed breed!

Carrier Status:

This was the main reason I wanted the test done. It tells you if you have genetic predispositions to 42 diseases including: certain cancers, anemia, dementia, protein deficiency, cystic fibrosis, among many others. I thankfully do not have any genes that make me likely to develop diseases.

Genetic Health Risk:

2017-05-30 (1)


2017-05-30 (2)

Traits is a cool feature that shows you what features you have because of your DNA. For me, it accurately determined that I have wavy light brown/dark blonde hair with blue eyes, pale skin, and many freckles based on my chromosomes.  It also shows how your finger and toe ratios are determined by DNA, and even the kind of earwax you have.


2017-05-30 (3)These were all extra accurate, and the weight genetics are definitely nice to know!


Overall opinion:

I think the tests conducted by 23andMe are comprehensive and highly entertaining and informative. However, the price is quite high. If you have the money to take the test, I would recommend it 100% but its not absolutely necessary. They have two packages: the comprehensive test which I got for $199 and an ancestry only test for 99$. If the motive behind taking this test is the ancestry portion, then I think going through Ancestry.com may be the better option since it goes into depth whereas 23 and me is very general.
I got my results back in 3 weeks but they estimate 6-8 weeks.

If you would like to get the test done, you can save $20 with this code: